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Cleaning the attic was simply one of those chores that was both tiring and invigorating all at once. On one hand, it was a long and exhausting process, pulling out boxes, throwing things away, cleaning…The boring dull jobs no-one really enjoys. On a more positive side, if you stored memories in the attic, it was a place of wonderful way to find them again and reminisce.

That was Carys's main focus today. To search through and clean her attic, hoping for hold memories to resurface. It would be nice to just remember the old times, no matter what they were. Pulling an old box towards her, she opened it up, only to find old Christmas decorations in there. Shaking her head slightly, Carys glanced up as a small voice caught her attention.

"Mum, what's this?"

Pulling herself to her feet, the thirty-three year old walked over to her six year old daughter and smiled, bending down beside her. Wide blue eyes looked up at her, and the young brunette girl held out an old doll, which Carys took in her hands, raising an eyebrow slightly.
The doll was female, and distinctly hand-made. She had long blonde hair, quite tanned skin and bright purple eyes. She wore a lovingly stitched purple hooded sweatshirt which stopped above her midriff, a black skirt and black shoes. Slowly, Carys ran her fingers tenderly through the soft material of the dolls hair and smiled.

"This is Candy." She said softly, looking back towards the little girl, the same sad smile lingering on her lips. "I made her. She's a very old friend…Very precious."

"Candy…" the girl tried, scrunching her nose up slightly before smiling brightly. "It suits her! She's pretty."

"She is." Carys said quietly, cradling the doll in her arms slightly, feeling the memories wash over her like the ocean over the sands. "You know how I told you I used to write all of the time when I was little?"

The girl nodded, keeping her eyes locked on the doll in her mother's arms. She looked so real…

"She was one of my main characters." Carys continued, smiling down at Candy fondly, as if she had come across an old friend. "Whenever I was sad or alone or ill…I would always pretend that Candy was real. She'd talk to me, make me happy again. She's smart and loving…A natural mother. She was brave, and loyal, and she'd never let a friend down. When she was with her friends was when she was happiest. A lot of the time, she'd get into dangerous situations, but she always pulled through them with her friends, because she had faith." Carys stared down at the doll as she spoke, and somewhere through the rush of good time memories, she almost could have sworn she saw the dolls lips quirk into an even bigger smile. Carys glanced up and held out Candy, smiling at her daughter. "Take her Jenny."

"What?" Jenny asked, and her eyes widened. "Mum…She's yours!"

"She's yours now." Carys corrected, and slid the doll into her daughters hands. "Continue her legacy. Keep her alive for me."

Jenny hugged Candy close to her body, her smile widening slightly, but then she frowned, looking back up at Carys. "I don't know what she's REALLY like."

"How about I tell you her stories?"

"Oh please!"

"Okay, here's the first story! I'll tell you about Candy's childhood, her family and what happened to turn her into such a good person, okay?"


"Candy was born on the thirteenth of August, nineteen, ninety one…She was born of royal family! And she had a twin sister named Marion, who was her opposite in every way…"


Amethyst eyes slowly opened, blinking at the sudden light which shone in from all different directions. She had been encased in darkness for so long… Where was she?
Groaning slightly, Candy pulled herself up, grabbing onto a wall to keep her balance, and suddenly took a good look around her. Her eyes widened slightly and she gasped, pressing a hand against her heart.

Her home, grand and beautiful lay before her. She could hear the laughter and shouting from inside of her family, beckoning her inside, and she smiled widely, looking up at the sky.
A steady sun was rising again over their home, and Candy let out a giddy laugh, spinning around in delight.

"Thank you!"
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