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Yvaine had always resigned herself to the fact that she would never be able to speak. The doctors said it was impossible, and she had accepted that fact with a simple nod. She wouldn't miss not speaking, because how could you miss something you never had?

It was frustrating however, to not be able to fully communicate her desires and needs to her family, and sometimes, she did wish she was able to speak so she could tell tell them what she wanted. But, she got through it with a smile, as she always did.

What hurt Yvaine most of all about being mute, was the way treated her. Just because she couldn't speak, it didn't mean she was deaf too. She wasn't a freak, she wasn't mentally retarded. She was just a thirteen year old without the ability to speak. She wasn't any less intelligent for it. She was smart, she was bright, and disregarding the bullies, she was happy.

Her siblings were protective of her due to this. Mainly Matt and Serena. Serena often made it clear that to pick on Yvaine was to pick on her, and Serena was much too popular within school for someone to want to pick on her. Matt was younger than her, but like Yvaine, he was different, and was also picked on, though he could handle himself perfectly well.

What Yvaine really wanted however, was someone to make her feel comfortable. Somebody who understood how she felt and didn't want to hurt her.

She just wanted a friend.
Yvaine just wants a friend D:
I never write about her, I thought it was about time <3

Yvaine, Serena & Matt (c) Me
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Aw ):
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yush D:
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